Patricia Cindy, I like You !

P oem is not to be laugh to
A t this poem things going to be serious
T ry to believe what you read in this poem
R ightfully honest
I t reveals what I’m feel of you
C indy, I’m gone when you read this
I hope you stay the same after u know the truth
A bout my feeling

C indy, you reminds me of my old friend
I t’s been a great memories passing times w/ her
N ow she’s gone, far away, it’s my fault
D ays been passing and I knew you
Y ou resemble her completely, even better

I used to like her, but I choose another girl

L ove used to rule me, but now I’m out of it
I t’s been hard time to be alone for 1 years
K issing, things I never felt .
E very relationship I ever had, ends patheticly

Y ou must believe in what you read
O f all hundreds friends I have
U mean different for me



About asiaril

Tulisan saya adalah opini pribadi yang tidak memiliki kredibilitas apapun. Kerugian dalam bentuk apapun yang timbul akibat membaca tulisan saya (misalnya buang buang waktu) sepenuhnya menjadi tanggung jawab anda. Apabila anda tidak suka dengan karya saya, janganlah marah kepada saya, namun pukullah layar komputer anda dengan linggis.

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