The Time

By Angelina Stanton – Street artist on Melbourne

She accept donations in exchange of making a poetry with a theme of your choice.

She wrote this on a typing machine in a go, with no mistakes.

Surely it is not acrostic, but it is highly admirable.

Hoping to see her again one day.


We are locked

into the tick tock

of someone else’s clock

We spend

time like money, sparingly

as if we are fearing

running out before it’s due

I will make time for you,

not money, I don’t have to,

and you I put into

my pocket, I’ve locked it

into the tick tock

of someone else’s clock,

I don’t know who.


About asiaril

Tulisan saya adalah opini pribadi yang tidak memiliki kredibilitas apapun. Kerugian dalam bentuk apapun yang timbul akibat membaca tulisan saya (misalnya buang buang waktu) sepenuhnya menjadi tanggung jawab anda. Apabila anda tidak suka dengan karya saya, janganlah marah kepada saya, namun pukullah layar komputer anda dengan linggis.

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