About Me

This blog used to be known as SHADOWROTE – the archive of my writings since 2009. Starting with only poetry and religious writings, in 2018 I realized there’s an urgent need of fintech information specifically for Indonesia.

While resources for fintech globally has been abundant in the last 5 years, fintech growth in Indonesia is relatively new, despite the enormous growth. This growth, unfortunately, is not accompanied by the awareness and knowledge from the potential user.

All fintech companies have done their best to educate the people through their writings and advertising, but there’s always a need for independent voice that reviews each bodies objectively.

Encouraged by both my friends and even the fintech bodies, I began educating Indonesian people through this blog. Starting with peer to peer lending, I will expand my writings to cover other investment as well.

Of course, I will not sell my soul to the trend. Besides writing what’s needed by the people, I will always write my thoughts and art as well.

To know more about the guy behind this website, you can stalk me through the social buttons found on the bottom right of this blog.

To contact me, mail asiaril(a)ymail.com or use the form below