Biaya Investasi yang Harus Disadari dan Trik Menghindarinya

Berinvestasi untuk dapat uang, tapi kok malah ada biaya nya?

Should Christian Invest?

Prefer to enjoy this content interactively? You can view it on Microsoft Sway (click this link) Should Christian Invest? a reference-based perspective by the author of Preeliminary We all know the bible sometimes contradicts itself Portrayal of God in old and new testament Contradicting characteristic of Messiah How sinners are treated God’s scope of […]


Give enough ignorance, then gift will even turn into curse Give enough smugness, then affection will even turn into hatred Give enough stupidity, then care will even turn into critics Give enough blame, then positivity will even turn into negativity Give enough anger, then spirit will even turn into void Give enough arrogance, then pride […]

Crazy Things About My Fella in 2018

1. Wishing to Prove that Not All Flight Attendants are ‘Bad Girls’ To begin with, there is no consensus that flight attendants are ‘bad girls’ or ‘bad boys’. Seriously, no research, no social norms, no stereotypes for that. There is simply nothing to prove. 2. His Data Collection Method In relation to the first point, […]

Stefanus Adrian Siaril

By Tiffany Eunike Nugroho S un and stars can’t beat your shineT reasure that truly divineE ndless wishes, countless prayersF or my love in silver yearA ged to perfection like a fine wineN onpareil even to the cloud nineU pon the universe i placed your nameS omewhere it belongs rather than in frame A head […]

The story about son of will

Son of will is the figure we all need, but nobody wants him around He is smart, but acting like a fool to entertain others He is full of potential, but suppress them to appear humble He often gets angry, but never vent it out to befriend everyone He has concerns, but never voice them […]


The time heals and sometimes sting In everything except one string: For my admiration never fades any set, From the first day we met. And the way my heart reacts, Never changes whenever we both act. You are truly the tiff of my heart. Every time I think of dreamland, U are the one who […]