A Thing You Don’t Know About Instagram

Wondering who is the best stalker in Instagram? Well, if you are lazy to read this post, I tell you now: it’s Instagram itself. Confused? Feel condemned? Disappointed and want to hit me? Read on to understand! Defining ‘Stalking’ – in Social Media Context This is important because stalking has several meanings depending on the […]

4 Things to Learn from Spotify

As per June 2016, Spotify still leads the music streaming industry. There are arguments as of why Spotify remains unbeatable by newcomers, but here is my perspective as a Spotify User. 1. Building an Effective Barrier to Its Current Users To keep leading the market, it is important for a business to protect its customer […]

Benefits of Overreaction

There are many factors for shares’ price movement. I won’t talk about that basic stuff here. One of those, is, of course, supply and demand. Adam Smith even coined the term ‘invisible hand’ to refer that it is supply and demand that helps price reach the equilibrium point suitable for both parties. In the shares […]

Nikon’s Three Musketeers

UPDATE: The series is officially discontinued, citing huge loss and lack of confidence in the demand due to smartphones. While Nikon has issued a statement that it will focus on high-end professional cameras, I could not understand this decision as this DL series could’ve been the perfect niche servings that can rejuvenate Nikon back in […]

Could 1 Series be the One?

1 Series from Nikon has been under critics and praise, just like any other cameras out there. However, the industry followers like me can clearly see one side is heavier than the other. Starting from the poor positioning for each of their lineups, unclear series’ vision, as well as obsolete innovation, it is hard to see […]

The Time

By Angelina Stanton – Street artist on Melbourne She accept donations in exchange of making a poetry with a theme of your choice. She wrote this on a typing machine in a go, with no mistakes. Surely it is not acrostic, but it is highly admirable. Hoping to see her again one day.   We […]