English Corner

Speaks English? Me too!

In this page you will find everything I’ve written in English, sorted by category.

All my bahasa posts are also written in a way so that they are translator-friendly. This doesn’t apply to creative writings, for obvious reason.

1. Education and Technology

4 Things to Learn from Spotify

5 Reasons Why Logistics Don’t Care about GO-SEND

7 Things to Help Making Sense of Instagram’s Numbers

A Thing You Don’t Know About Instagram

Could 1 Series be the One?

Erecting Fine Line Between Video Games and E-Sports

Life’s Good. But There’s an End to That.

Nikon’s Three Musketeers

Why We Should Thank Disney for Taking Over Star Wars

2. Financial and Investment

Benefits of Overreaction

3. Daily and Travelling

Things to Do With your Phone – Without an Internet Connection

You Don’t Need Best Friends Anymore

4. Literature

4.1 Acrostic Poem

Adrian Siaril (by Anly Angela)

Alvinie Gracia Marchella

Agnes Keren Holyria Bale

Agnes Nathania

Amelia Amaris

Anly Angela



Edo Fernandes

Gianina Candy Intan

Merry Christmas 2018

Neysa Jacinda

Patricia Cindy

Queencha Chaidy Saputra


Stefanus Adrian Siaril


Tiffany Eunike Nugroho

Victoria Levina


Wong Kaiki

Yuk Ying Tang

4.2 Other Literatures

A to Z lesson

Averse Avenue

Ever and Later

Flame and Blame

Logic/Logika (Bilingual English-Bahasa)

Operating System

So Long, Hong Kong

Some Crazy Rant

Song for Gish – Literally for Gish.

Son of Will

Stupid Man (Dialogue)

Time, by Angelina Stanton (English)

The Time – This one got published on a printed media in Australia

You Are My Garden

5. Religion

8 Random Lesson from A Gaming Life

Do You Worship Oil?