Stefanus Adrian Siaril

By Tiffany Eunike Nugroho S un and stars can’t beat your shineT reasure that truly divineE ndless wishes, countless prayersF or my love in silver yearA ged to perfection like a fine wineN onpareil even to the cloud nineU pon the universe i placed your nameS omewhere it belongs rather than in frame A head […]


The time heals and sometimes sting In everything except one string: For my admiration never fades any set, From the first day we met. And the way my heart reacts, Never changes whenever we both act. You are truly the tiff of my heart. Every time I think of dreamland, U are the one who […]


Red green and blue Or all the colors in the rainbow Still you are the brightest of them all And of all the flavors in the bakery Nougats, marshmallows, and donuts None are as sweet as you And as heartwarming like you do Quintessence of happiness In the middle if survival Nobody and no others […]

Some meaningful rhymes

Names might be forgotten in seconds E mails could be meaningless today Years will sweep the memories we build upon Still we try to avoid the fray As we protect our sanity   Just as the world offers judgment And the moon enlight eternal party Carry on your heart our moments Insribed deep inside as […]

The Royal’s Treasure

Q  uiver of everlasting arrows U  nder the waist of a brave queen E   mbodiment of her determined spirit E   mbracing the adventure of tomorrow N   ame and title bonds the legacy C   apturing the essence of her charisma H   ave a stand people, A   lady of honor is here C   harm of hope, chain […]


  Crescent of hope and faith Healer for the weakening world Rise to your destined place and height If the mortals ever failed you Show them the true human’s love Embrace the fight and trial Let the light guide your path Let your inner strength rises And you will be the agent of change

Reprise, from 2009

Great nature finally has fallen An unstoppable force of destruction Betrayed the trust that has been given Raiding to the very end, It left nothing to stand Everyone’s fear were at our land Lights were mere imagination Love has committed treason And no one can make any reason A long time after then, falls the […]

Gombalan Bulan ini

V isualisation of perfection was mere imagination I mpossible beyond any mind’s extension C raving for it was mere invitation for depression T hough it changed the day I knew you O pen a new chapter beyond nexion R evealing bonds of dreams and fairytales I t is yiu, and none others A iring through […]