Adrian Siaril

The End

In the end it’s not about personality types

It’s not about religion, or distance

Because personality doesn’t measure maturity

Religion doesn’t measure stability

And distance can’t measure the actual distance between two hearts

Logic are full of flaws

Knowledge are full of questions

Hypotheses are full of controversies

But yet they are still more reliable than the gossips

They are much more credible than opinions from the dulls

Unfortunately you are just not smart enough

You are clueless with what you want for yourself

Kids face their world without fear

Without worries for the tomorrow

And you, the experienced are worse than the children of today

How can you move if you fear the tomorrow?

How can you be better if you refuse to move?

How can you live if you don’t acknowledge yourself?

Unfortunately, once again, you are too dull to listen

You are too clueless to understand

Too biased to even think properly

You don’t speak English, some people call that bad

But worse is if you don’t speak honestly

It is bad to hide from God

But worse to hide from confrontation

Hide and fortify yourself in faith

Not in Whatsapp status nor quote pictures from nowhere created by humans

Your logic is worse than the street kids of 80s

Your statements are full of contradiction about yourself

Even your honesty are full of your own lies

You never do what you preach

You hear but you never listen

You speak but never really mean it

Girls and women are different

Took heaps of mix mess to stay as a girl

But even you are worse

You are more volatile than a girl

More clueless than an innocent kid

More lost than the atlantis itself

I don’t even know what are you

Don’t even ask me once

Don’t even ask yourself – you are clueless about yourself

Ask God the all knowing

Science can’t even describe the content of your mind

Probably full of imaginary love songs, fantasy love stories, and your own complicated routing

I wish you could understand these simple things, but unfortunately you are just too dull for anything

Even the bible you read everyday, is cursing the dull

You can be stupid, but to keep learning is what keeps human alive

You can be poor, but to survive is our natural instinct

We can have problems, but there are ways to solve them

Unlike you, I would talk instead of hiding

I would discuss instead of accusing

But it seems that fire must fight against fire

Falling in ‘like’ zone but afraid for the ‘love’ zone? Even Hollywood can’t pull of that kind of crazy line!

Wishing your boy a ‘happiness’ by going away? Even K-Drama can’t script something that stupid!

If you are reading this, know that I lied

I lied that I don’t hate you

Truth is I hate you more than any disgusting thing I have ever seen

I hate your face

I hate your stupidity

I hate your body which you really proud of by showing them on every occassion

I hate your blood

I hate your hippocratic

I hate YOU

and by that, I truly mean it

Unlike you who mistakes hate for love and vice versa

How stupid

When the time came I will unleash my wrath upon you

Don’t worry, since I will spare your life

I will just make it worse than anything you can ever imagine

Worse than your WORST

And in the unlikely event of forgiveness,

I hope karma still remembers

and crush you to the very depths of darkness

Good luck with your graduate life,

Hopefully your fake innocence can get you that ‘international job’

At least learn English and not Google translate, jerk.

MAXIMUM BYE  (credit to yourself)

Only you are crazy and volatile enough to make stuffs even crazier than sharks inside tornado. Back to you, Bye Bye. I hope you can say goodbye to your stupidity, after me. Sigh

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