We have known each other for 4 months till now

Our first meeting was no more than 40 seconds

Our first date was just around 4 minutes

Our second date was no even more than 14 minutes

There was 4 double posts when we walled each other for the first time

14 June was the time that I got your bbm Pin

The first time I told bout my feelings, was 4 July

There was only 4 people who know what I said that night : me, you, Agnes, and God

It took me 4 hours just to find your address

But 4 friends helped me well : Alvinia, Novina, Helena, and Selviana

Actually I arrived at your home in 4 minutes from my position that time

Now that we’ve been in relationship for 4 weeks

I know that I’ll marry you in less than 14 years

From that time

We’ll be together for more than 40 years !!


About asiaril

Tulisan saya adalah opini pribadi yang tidak memiliki kredibilitas apapun. Kerugian dalam bentuk apapun yang timbul akibat membaca tulisan saya (misalnya buang buang waktu) sepenuhnya menjadi tanggung jawab anda. Apabila anda tidak suka dengan karya saya, janganlah marah kepada saya, namun pukullah layar komputer anda dengan linggis.

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