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We have known each other for 4 months till now

Our first meeting was no more than 40 seconds

Our first date was just around 4 minutes

Our second date was no even more than 14 minutes

There was 4 double posts when we walled each other for the first time

14 June was the time that I got your bbm Pin

The first time I told bout my feelings, was 4 July

There was only 4 people who know what I said that night : me, you, Agnes, and God

It took me 4 hours just to find your address

But 4 friends helped me well : Alvinia, Novina, Helena, and Selviana

Actually I arrived at your home in 4 minutes from my position that time

Now that we’ve been in relationship for 4 weeks

I know that I’ll marry you in less than 14 years

From that time

We’ll be together for more than 40 years !!


One thought on “FO(U)R-(F)EVER !!

  • February 24, 2011 at 1:05 am

    it’s so thoughtful and sweet at the same time..
    i love it! <3
    I hope you and Cindy lasts FO(U)R-(F)EVER! ūüôā


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