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A-Z Lesson

A-Z Lesson Agnes taught me that being kind is not a priority Beatrice taught me that boys do like challenges Cecilia taught me that some still prefer diamond over a dog Diandra taught me that confidence is a necessity Evelyn taught me that you shouldn’t take love for granted Febryna taught me to never assume …

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the time

The Time

The Time By Angelina Stanton – Street artist on Melbourne She accept donations in exchange of making a poetry with a theme of your choice. She wrote this on a typing machine in a go, with no mistakes. Surely it is not acrostic, but it is highly admirable. Hoping to see her again one day. …

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8 Years and Counting

8 Years and Counting Variabel variabel yang berceceran, Entah memberi makna apa dalam keseharian. Raut raut wajah yang bertebaran, Orang orang pun tak lagi menghiraukan. Nama nama yang masuk Kitab Kehidupan, Ibarat sekedar karangan dan bualan. Kapan kabar baik akan diberitakan? Apakah yang berkuasa masih mendengarkan? Jika tak lagi bisa memberi Upaya apa yang masih …

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  Crescent of hope and faith Healer for the weakening world Rise to your destined place and height If the mortals ever failed you Show them the true human’s love Embrace the fight and trial Let the light guide your path Let your inner strength rises And you will be the agent of change