A Proposal for A Lifetime

World never stops spinning

Its like serving eternal purpose
Love should be like the world
Lively spinning over and over


You are what keeps me moving
On an endless cycle full of joy
Under the motion of love


My freedom will soon be gone
And my future aren’t free
Regardless I am moving forward
Realising life has to keep spinning
You being the other gear


May I be your prisoner for life
Eternally bound to feed you


Adrian Siaril
Adrian Siaril

The boss

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  1. Congrats kak Adrian atas Engagementnya!

    been scrolling and surfing around this awesome website for like… 2 weeks now. I see a lot and hopefully digest a lot #LOL. Thank you for making me aware of this vast world ahead terutama dalam bidang financial and how to plan ahead.

    No question just wanna say thanks for making all this content, semoga kak Adrian tetap sehat dan sukses selalu ke depannya. And you’re awesome!