alphabet board game box bundle

A-Z Lesson

A-Z Lesson Agnes taught me that being kind is not a priority Beatrice taught me that boys do like challenges Cecilia taught me that some still prefer diamond over a dog Diandra taught me that confidence is a necessity Evelyn taught me that you shouldn’t take love for granted Febryna taught me to never assume …

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10/10 The time heals and sometimes sting In everything except one string: For my admiration never fades any set, From the first day we met. And the way my heart reacts, Never changes whenever we both act. You are truly the tiff of my heart. Every time I think of dreamland, U are the one …

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Rosanna   Red green and blue Or all the colors in the rainbow Still you are the brightest of them all And of all the flavors in the bakery Nougats, marshmallows, and donuts None are as sweet as you And as heartwarming like you doQuintessence of happiness In the middle if survival Nobody and no …

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  A little shining star, that’s you.. Darkness never cover it Rain makes it more beautiful Inside your heart there’s kindness.. A sweetest word you gave.. Never be forgotten till the end of time So it’s just a thank you I’m smiling coz of you A much more thank you Right, your words is so …

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