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A-Z Lesson

Agnes taught me that being kind is not a priority

Beatrice taught me that boys do like challenges

Cecilia taught me that some still prefer diamond over a dog

Diandra taught me that confidence is a necessity

Evelyn taught me that you shouldn’t take love for granted

Febryna taught me to never assume a girl’s innocence

Genoveva taught me that every girl has their own dark side

Hillary taught me that personality can’t always win

Icha taught me to appreciate everyone’s effort

Jennifer taught me that people are more broken inside than outside

Kaiki taught me that efforts can get you results

Li taught me that ages don’t warrant maturity

Magna taught me that love changes a perception

Nathalie taught me that some are not worth fighting for

Olyvia taught me to fight as hard as you can

Patricia taught me to wait until you are ready

Queen taught me to be brave and daring

Rushuang taught me how a gentleman should behave

Sisil taught me that you shouldn’t trust people easily

Theresia taught me that times will provide

Ursula girls taught me to focus on your goals

Victoria taught me that it is hard to let go

Winda taught me to fight for the things you love

XiaoWu taught me that the best might not get what they deserved

Ying taught me that appearance matters

Zaneta taught me that the first impression lasts a lifetime

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