Stefanus Adrian Siaril

By Tiffany Eunike Nugroho

S un and stars can’t beat your shine
T reasure that truly divine
E ndless wishes, countless prayers
F or my love in silver year
A ged to perfection like a fine wine
N onpareil even to the cloud nine
U pon the universe i placed your name
S omewhere it belongs rather than in frame

A head you’ll find enemies glide
D on’t let them take you to the dark side
R ide your ship and hang on tight
I gnite your lightsaber and fight
A waken the force within
N ow it’s time for you to win

S ing your anthem, party all night
I ‘ll take you dancing under twilight
A day will come when your dreams come true
R aise your hopes and follow through
I n your hard times, do remember;
L ove is always the answer.

About asiaril

Tulisan saya adalah opini pribadi yang tidak memiliki kredibilitas apapun. Kerugian dalam bentuk apapun yang timbul akibat membaca tulisan saya (misalnya buang buang waktu) sepenuhnya menjadi tanggung jawab anda. Apabila anda tidak suka dengan karya saya, janganlah marah kepada saya, namun pukullah layar komputer anda dengan linggis.

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