Stefanus Adrian Siaril

By Tiffany Eunike Nugroho

S un and stars can’t beat your shine
T reasure that truly divine
E ndless wishes, countless prayers
F or my love in silver year
A ged to perfection like a fine wine
N onpareil even to the cloud nine
U pon the universe i placed your name
S omewhere it belongs rather than in frame

A head you’ll find enemies glide
D on’t let them take you to the dark side
R ide your ship and hang on tight
I gnite your lightsaber and fight
A waken the force within
N ow it’s time for you to win

S ing your anthem, party all night
I ‘ll take you dancing under twilight
A day will come when your dreams come true
R aise your hopes and follow through
I n your hard times, do remember;
L ove is always the answer.

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