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Tripping under the dying daylight
Insisting the fear of broken heart

Falling for the temptation of darkness
Fainting from the weakness of love

Apparition and delusion on your eyes
Nailing all feelings on the walls

Yelling through the endless abyss


Tiffany is my pen friend, we met at internet and then become a bit close. During our first few days of talking she was heartbroken and said that her ex is so romantic that he could make a poem in 15 minutes. I then pissed them off by writing this poem in 5 minutes, in which she claimed made her more sad because explicitly retell the story of her broken heart.

Anyway, we just got met at Melbourne at 4th of July, because she is in transit to Sydney to continue her study. Maybe we will meet again someday and I can piss her off again !

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