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Cheering myself

2 months ago i looked at her for the first time

1 month ago, i recognize that i like her

2 weeks ago i talked to her at the first time

1 week ago i got her phone number

2 days ago, i recognized that i’m addicted to her

1 day ago, i asked God to give me the best

but 2 hours ago, i knew everything was late

that ‘treasure’ has stolen. I’ve defeated many enemies in quick, but i’m also defeated too fast

I want to reset it like the PC games…

Only If I could…

i’m thinking right now, it’s the best, huh?

But I believe that God never cruel, this deep sadness, will be paid once one day..
Twice the glory, twice the happiness, and twice the reward. Yeah, I’m sure.

Now I’ve deleted her messages and her number, and i’m going to remove her from my msn contacts.

I won’t bother her and her boyfriend, because I love her, and I want her to get the best in her life.

This is the first time I loved a girl and i haven’t tell them what’s my feeling to them. May this be the most worthy love experience in my life.

I love you,
Operating System

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