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Story About Stupid Man

Directed by : Adrian Siaril

Written by : Kenny Chintama, Theo Limena

Improved by : Rinaldi Adhianto


One sunny day, as usual, the stupid man is walking around his cage while thinking about stupid things.  Suddenly. He remembered something.

“OMG, I must deliver a box to my dog ! Ok, now, where’s the box?”

He called his maid to ask about the box.

“Do you see my box? The one with cat graphic in the top?”

“Yes, I gave it to the sexy garbageman this morning”


“Sorry sir cause it’s dirty and I thought you want to dispose it. The garbageman is cute anyway”

“Who cares you mother***** !! I need it NOW”

“I’m terribly sorry… I suggest you to look for the garbageman”

“Why don’t you do it urself?”

“I’m too lazy and it’s not my business” (WOOOW)

“You are such a useless maid”

“And you are such a stupid man”


He ran outside his house, the breeze blow and there’s no one rather than his lovely neighbour.

“Hey do you see the cute and sexy garbageman???”

“Yes, he just left from my house and heading towards the mountain.”


“I said he just left from my house and heading towards the mountain. Meditating, maybe”

“Pardon me???????”

“Gosh you are so deaf !”

“Oh… I see ! Thanks man !” (ran as fast as possible) “Hmm… what he is talking about?”


The stupid man ran through his house and started to cry like baby in his cage. Then someone knock the door.

“Miaaaw….meong aww…. owwww” *translated : hello! is this the box r u looking 4?

“MEOoooOO000ng… Where do you find it?”

“Awww Miaaaaawwww…. Meooong meong” *translated : I found it in the thrash center on the main road.

“Miaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww” *translated : THANKS !!!!!!


He ran like winds and faster than Flash to deliver the box. But his dog’s house is guarded by some men.

“Xcuse me, I want to meet my dog who live here”

“Sorry sir you have to leave. The dog has moved and this house has been sold”


“I said you have to leave. The house has been sold”

“Go sucks some candy !!” (punches the guard)

He broke the window and ran through the house but suddenly the other guards is able to catch him. He was sent to the prisobn then.


In the jail, his roommate is friendly and would like to know about him.

“Hey why do you sent here?”


“I said why do you sent here”

“Speak clearly !!”

“hahaha you are deaf?”

“Hey, you speak to me just to jerk me? Sucks some candy !!” (punches the man)

They are fighting and the stupid man accidentally killed the man with toilet cleaner.

Scene 6

He was judged in the court by bird, fish, and cockroach

“You have killed a man” said the bird

“Yeah a man is not an animal” said the fish

“You have to stay in the prison for 11785078 seconds now” said the cockroach

“What ?!” Said the man

“You have to stay in the prison for 11785078 seconds” they answered together

“pardon???” the man said it again


“Go sucks some candy !!!!!!!”

He shoot the bird with catapult, fry the fish, and step on the cockroach.


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