Adrian Siaril

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The Time

When I was little, they told me love was the greatest force on earth

But knowledge reveals the sharp truth

And wisdom unveils some bitter facts

An entity runs with us

Watched over us

And silently controls us

A force such strong that it tested the love itself

A state so powerful that it shatters powerful kingdom and the tyrants

Old prophets said it is the weapon of the Gods

Wiseman called it vengeance from the nature

It steals lives

It shatters hearts

It is eternal, there forever

He tried to stop it, but it killed him instead

She tried to run, and she failed.

You and I, we and them, he and she,

We all stuck with it together

Or am I fed with bias and pain?

As it coexist with existence

It moves life and universe forward

It turns seed into a feed

It turns stranger into a lover

And prince into king

It heals the broken heart

As it never broke it before

It moves you away from the dark cycle of life

As it never gave you these

It dragged away pain and blemish

And let go of force from the past


Here it comes

It is here, it is there

Riddle me this, riddle me that

If you never knew,

It will come to you

When Time Collide Us

“The Time

-Adrian Siaril”

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