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Beranda » The other being Phoa, but this one Erica

The other being Phoa, but this one Erica

The two ‘APEX’ girls I have ever know in my life are Erica and Phoa.

What is APEX?

  1. 1.
    the top or highest part of something, esp. one forming a point.
    “the living room extends right up into the apex of the roof”
    synonyms: tippeaksummitpinnacletopvertex More

  1. 1.
    reach a high point or climax.
    “melodic lines build up to the chorus and it apexes at the solo”
    So they are like the perfection : great personality, cute face, curvy body, etc, etc. You can find Phoa in my other post, but this one dedicated for Erica’s birthday
    W  ind blows from Kowloon to Aberdeen
    O  ver the majestic presence of yours
    N  orth point stands before your daintiness
    G  ifted is the only way to describe you
    K  ennedy Town’s glory were just a part of your glamour
    A  dmiralty admit their admirance for you
    I    n your eyes lies the core of Hong Kong
    K  eep your blessings and gift wisely
    I    n time you will be the true princess of universe
    old jiejie that really concerned about her married life in the future

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