Patricia Cindy, I like You !

P oem is not to be laugh to
A t this poem things going to be serious
T ry to believe what you read in this poem
R ightfully honest
I t reveals what I’m feel of you
C indy, I’m gone when you read this
I hope you stay the same after u know the truth
A bout my feeling

C indy, you reminds me of my old friend
I t’s been a great memories passing times w/ her
N ow she’s gone, far away, it’s my fault
D ays been passing and I knew you
Y ou resemble her completely, even better

I used to like her, but I choose another girl

L ove used to rule me, but now I’m out of it
I t’s been hard time to be alone for 1 years
K issing, things I never felt .
E very relationship I ever had, ends patheticly

Y ou must believe in what you read
O f all hundreds friends I have
U mean different for me

Adrian Siaril
Adrian Siaril

The boss

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