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You Don’t Need Best Friends Anymore

You Don’t Need Best Friends Anymore

… But you need true friends instead.

What are those, you ask?

I’m not so sure either. I coined the term myself. But I’m pretty sure there’s distinct differences I can set after years of ‘friendship’ with hundreds of people.

You feel good around best friend, but you feel lonely when they are not around. You feel left out after weeks of not seeing them, and set schedule to meet them so you can catch up.

With true friend, you are assured there’s somebody ready to help you even when they are not around. You don’t feel left out whatsoever because fate eventually arranged you two to meet again sooner or later, and when you meet both of you know what you’ve missed so far.

Best friend will be the first to see your Instagram Stories and will ‘like’ every Instagram post as soon as possible. They will even ask how you can get such awesome picture.

True friend gives 0 fuck to your social media credibility. They know that you are either far better or far worse in real life.

Best friend comforts you during your hard times, by assuring you that you did nothing wrong while in fact you did. It feels good to share intimate moment with them, but they offer no practical advise regarding your issues.

True friend does not hesitate to call your weaknesses and criticize your mistake. If you tell them your problems they will honestly point out your mistakes.

Best friend is mutual status. Both of you must treat each other as best friend. When one doesn’t, the bond is broken.

True friend is not mutual relationship. You can be someone’s true friend while you do not trust them as a true friend.

Someone becomes your best friend because you both have so much in common. Things are sparkling when you both together and your conversation sparks fireworks.

True friend, on the other hand, often have opposing views as yours, challenging your thoughts and doubt your pride. Yet, they chose to still be your friend, accepting your negativity and realize that nobody’s perfect (including themselves).

During your bad day, when you are being jerk, your best friend will endlessly wonder what the hell is wrong with you as you look completely different person to them, perhaps they even consider arranging exorcism. They will try to calm you down or cheer you up to no avail.

True friend, on the other hand, knows that you being jerk is not your true self and you are simply having a bad day. They will ignore you for the day. But tomorrow, they will be indifferent and appears to forget everything that happened yesterday.

When you invited your best friend to an important event way long before the d-day, they will say: “That’s still months later. I will let you know but I’ll do my best to come”. Because they don’t bother prioritizing your event and will see whether a more interesting event will pop up later.

True friend will say ‘of course I will come’ even before they check the date. Because they will cancel all other arrangements (if there’s any) so that they can come to your important event.

It’s soothing to see I’m not the only one setting the fine line between true friend and best friend, as evidenced by this post back in 2007. And despite the bad rep of Yahoo Answers, this discussion is also worth looking at.

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